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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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Etienne Roudaut.

Etienne Roudaut.

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all of it

At thirteen, I was part dog
Because my favorite part of
Drumsticks was the marrow,
And I would gnaw to get at it.

"Don’t mind her," my mother told
Boyfriend number four.
“She thinks she’s a vampire
Or something.” She was wrong,

But I still bared my teeth
For him: obliging grin
With rust-clung gums.
Then, everything was sex,

Wasn’t it. Torn stockings,
Gleaming spit on raw new lips,
Girls who dug their skin open
To let nightmares fly in.

Me, I was part dog. I fetched.
Drank from a bowl and slept, with
Snout dug between my wrists.
I roast my own birds now.

I grind shards, tongue sockets, Leave
The meat cold-slab in the center
Of my plate. Bones in a stack, stripped, hacked.
I want them to gnaw me back.

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